A Candlelight Dinner

There was one lit candle on the table.  Glass drinkware, real plates, silverware and even a napkin rested in waiting at each place setting.  “M” was busy in the kitchen, traveling between the stove and the refrigerator…preparing his masterpiece meal. The ladies sat at the table and politely waited for “Chef M” to finish his … More A Candlelight Dinner

A “Just” Job

M sat at the table in the local McDonalds. The friends often gathered there and caught up on the latest news and stories from the neighborhoods. One of the men laughed and said, “We call ourselves the Old Dudes.” I smiled thinking about a conversation in their homes. “Bye Honey – – be back in … More A “Just” Job

Dark to Light

It was the middle of the night before they arrived in Southwest Missouri. The two young girls were scared. Neither of them remembered their real mom. Now they were going to live with her. Things just didn’t work out with Dad and his new wife. The Division of Family Services had removed them. It was … More Dark to Light


He loved to put puzzles together. It was his thing. The challenge of piecing the whole picture back into the total image was stimulating. His many years of working with children also told him that putting jigsaw puzzles together was a great teaching tool. So when J volunteered with Care For Kids, he knew what … More Puzzled


A wonderful letter arrived at the Care For Kids office. I told a story of patience, persistence and prayer. And so the story is told through the eyes of “M”. One week from the end of our second year together, we had a breakthrough.   J and I were paired up as Breakfast Buddies early … More A BREAKTHROUGH!