Let The Stories Begin

Kids. The best of times. The worst of times. I think back on all the moments in life. When those moments fall into the categories of “BEST” and “WORST,” my kids are always in the picture. The “BEST” involved moments of joy, victory, accomplishment, nurturing, fun; warm smiles and hugs and high fives; great dinners, board game nights, camping, playing, loving life. The “WORST” involved moments of frustration, sadness, loss, hurt feelings, sickness, worry, lashing out, finding space; rough nights of unanswered questions; broken hearts and rejected friends. No matter which category the memory falls, they are all precious because they involved my kids. Life is worth living because of kids.
Kids touch our hearts. Childhood should be fun and full of adventure and passionate learning but reality says different. Childhood is often full of struggles . . . going without, being hungry, lack of attention, poor grades, no one caring.
Thank goodness for the mentors of Care For Kids. These gifted, caring individuals sign up to be mentors of K-6th grade students in the counties of Stone and Taney. They dedicate thirty minutes a week for a total of roughly 18 hours a year. Today about 253 mentors take on the roles of lunch buddies, book buddies, companions, friends. They live in the moments they are given with each child. They make moments matter.
Often a mentor will say, “I just don’t know if I am making a difference.”
Just like the water that rolls over the rough stone a difference is being made…moment by moment.
Who am I that writes this blog? A friend of Care for Kids who is blessed enough to hear stories of making moments matter. I have this channel though which to share the stories, combining events and changing names to protect privacies. I am a mom who cherishes the role and seeks to shine the light on the importance of caring for kids. Each week I encourage you to return to this blog and read the entries of how individual people are making huge differences in the lives of children. . . one heart at a time.


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