Accountability is a Way to Show Love


Life for “B” was school, riding the bus home, unlocking his house, going to his room and playing video games, fixing his own dinner and going to bed…often without any interaction with anyone in his home. He attended school regularly. He had no friends and no social skills. He was smart but no one had ever held him accountable or encouraged him to achieve ANYTHING. So his homework was seldom completed and his lack of studying produced low grades.

Mentor “D” had a different idea for “B”. He was a seasoned mentor and knew what a neglected child needed: attention and expectations. He gave him a big dose of both. As the year went on his conversation grew from a bowed head whisper to a full voice chatter. Their time was filled with stories about adventures in books, sports, math facts and memorized vocabulary words.

Today his confidence is up as reported by his teachers. “D” and “B” are still on a journey together to climb that mountain of trust and accountability. But the expectations have set the boundaries and “B” is progressing in the right direction . . . one moment at a time.


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