A Friendship of Choice

She didn’t want her at first. “N” couldn’t understand why one more adult was trying to be in her space. All of the other adults had just made life more difficult. The realities of life had sat down hard and fast on this young first grade princess. Her kingdom was anything but beautiful. But Mentor “T” could relate. She, too, had faced challenges as a child. She knew the feeling of distrust and disappointment. So she didn’t push. She simply hung around and smiled. One day “N” got turned around in the hallway at school. Panic spread across her face. She didn’t want to be late to class. “T” didn’t say a word. She just reached out a hand and offered a smile. “N” accepted the hand. Together they walked to class and “T” approached the teacher explaining that “N” was with her and they got a little sidetracked.

That’s all it took. A friendship formed. It was not the kind of friendship that is forced between an assigned adult and a needy child. It was the kind of friendship formed by choice.

Thirty minutes a week they hold hands as they read, walk, rest and talk. Through the eyes of both it is the best thirty minutes the week has to offer.

Care for Kids mentors give roughly 18 hours of one-to-one attention to their buddies over the course of a school year. They are joining God in his work….one heart at a time.


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