In A Flash

It was a big deal in the life of a second grader.  She was getting an award.  It wasn’t just any award.  It was a Character Award.  She had made good choices and someone noticed!!!  That didn’t happen much in her life.  “L” was the product of a messed up family.  Several kids lived with her in her home but she didn’t really know how they were all related.  Most of the time an older child did the care-giving.   Still – – this day – – – she was being celebrated for rising above all of that and being a person of character.

“M” had helped her find that person inside of herself.  She was her mentor.  She loved her.

The stage was set.  The microphone turned on and the Principal began to welcome everyone to the ceremony.  One by one the winners crossed the stage.  With each recipient came at least one parent or grandparent with a camera flashing wildly.  “L” knew no one would be there for her.  She had worn her best dress and her nicest shoes.  But no one in her home even knew she was getting an award.

Her name was called and she stepped forward to accept her award.

The camera flashed!

She turned with complete surprise.

There, at the foot of the stage, smiling with the God-given heart of an adopted grandmother was her mentor “M”.

And all that was said after the tears quit rolling was, “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.  I love you.”


God gives us moments.  Mentors understand their power.


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