PRc6NRaYHe had plenty of kids of his own. Five to be exact. But “B” was one of those rare individuals who would have a whole house full if he could. He truly believes the influence of a father is key to a child’s success. So many kids miss that dad in their lives. For “A”, he is that influence. It’s not easy. “A” is not a primary age boy who loves to have someone to talk with on the playground. He is right at the edge of being “too old” for the program. “Time is precious. We have to connect now while we still can” “B” says with passion and a dash of fear.

It wasn’t sports or grades or girls or candy that bridged the gap between “A” and “B”. It was books.

“B” just sat at the lunch table one day when the question popped into his head. “Read any good books lately?”

And there they went…down a long road of conversation about the author Rick Riordan and his amazing mind.

Adults didn’t speak to “A” but books did. And books opened the world of friendship and mentorship. Once upon a time there was “A” and “B”. . .


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