An A-Flat Did The Trick

“T” had been a mentor for a long time. She knew all the little tricks to getting a kid to open up. But “W” was a tough case. Almost always love and attention unlock connections. Kids who come from broken homes crave those two special ingredients. But “W” didn’t come from that kind of home. She had a great mom and dad. She was well fed, clean and made good grades. She was already loved. She already had attention. But for whatever reason she was alone at school. She sat alone at lunch. She played alone at recess. Her hands stayed to herself, her lips held the all-important “air bubbles” in the hallway. She was a model student. Her teacher was smart enough, thank goodness, to recognize this amazing shyness and encourage the relationship with a Care For Kids mentor.

Week after week “T” would visit “W”. She would sit with her at lunch, read a book to her now and then. Very little, if any, conversation ever sparked. Until one day… It happened…

The class was sitting together in the lunchroom. “T” sat next to “W” as always. No words were exchanged. The room was pretty quiet. All at once the air filled with the tune of an amazing song. It was uplifting and powerful. It was “W’s” class song.   Each child rose to their feet and begin singing. “W’s” eyes opened wide. A smile broke across her face. She jumped to her feet and grabbed “T’s” hand. “LET’S DANCE!”

Her voice was clear and bright. Her eyes filled with so many stories to tell. The words of the song touched her heart and her heart moved every other inch of her body.

All this time “T” had been using the wrong language. This little girl didn’t speak in words. . . she spoke the language of music. From that day forward “T” brought great songs on an I-Pod. They talked about tunes and lyrics and rhythm.

“W” is in the choir now. Mom and Dad come to watch each of her performances. So does “T”.

“W” was in there all the time. It just took a little rock and roll to crack the code.


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