One Consistent Drop of Water


I saw a hole in a rock the other day. I smiled. I thought about our Care For Kids mentors. For so many they are the consistent drop of water that reliably and perpetually works to make a mark and change a life.

It has been this way for “K” and her buddy “L”. For four years that drop of loving water has been dripping on “L’s” heart. For four years she has visited and watched him draw and color. She has read books and waited patiently for a response . . . to no avail. His head remained down. His eyes flat and fixed on objects instead of people. His sadness deep and veiling.

Each visit he would draw a horse or a truck or a tractor. Each time “K” would complement him on his fine work. Each time he would rebel and scribble across the artwork in anger.

But one day the drop of water broke through. The drawing of the truck was very good. “K” made her usual sincere complement. But this time he looked up. Smiled at her with the kind of smile that looked a little out of practice and said, “You can keep it if you like it.”

There is a hole in the rock now. It lets light in once in a while when it’s mentor day.

And the water just keeps on dripping with the guidance and support of our loving Father’s hand.


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