He Whispered

B really wanted to talk about God. The need started as a whisper somewhere deep inside of her. She first brought it up to her Mom. The response – – a simple smile and a head nod. Mom confirmed but did not open the door for conversation, questions and wonder. The superficial answer, “Yes I believe in God” just didn’t fulfill B’s internal journey.

Mom did the best she could. It was tough raising two kids alone. Sunday was a time for rest and catching up on things like laundry and grocery shopping. God wasn’t a bad topic in their home. He just wasn’t a topic at all. B had so many questions….like why some kids seemed to be so much happier, why they had so many more things, why bad things only seemed to happen to her family. She wondered where God was and how to talk to Him about how she felt. She didn’t really know if there was a right way or a wrong way to pray. And she felt stupid about it all.

But God works quietly and with purpose. So maybe that is why C put her gold cross necklace on the day she began mentoring B. Little did she know it would be an invitation for conversation.

Today B joins C not only at school for mentoring, but Mom has agreed to bring her to a bible study C holds at her church on Wednesday evenings. Once or twice Mom even stayed. B has found new friends. She raises her hand with the passion of her learning journey as her spark. Feelings of “stupid” are gone. She is alive.


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