Just Three Points

He wanted to go to college. No one in his family ever had. But that wasn’t a reason he shouldn’t try. At least that is what his high school counselor told him.file0001110781475

What stood between W and his college acceptance was a decent score on his ACT. He wasn’t one of those kids whose parents bought the “ACT TEST FOR DUMMIES” book and quizzed him over breakfast. His parents didn’t even know he was taking the test. Money was tight. If things like test fees, books, tuition, transportation were needed for college, W was going to have to find a way to get it done on his own. A good week of tips at the restaurant he worked at allowed for the $38 ACT Test fee to be paid.

He thought he did pretty well on the test. But when the score returned it was a 22.

Now that’s not bad. But it is a score that hovers in the “okay” range for college acceptance. And it falls short of the “scholarship” range. If only he had found three extra points. 25 would do the trick.

“Well just take it over” was the answer all his friends told him. You can take it over and over until you get the score you want.

But the voice in his head replied, “Yeah – – for $38 a try!”

Enter one in-touch high school counselor and Care For Kids.

The heart was there. The money was there. The ability to make it happen was there.

Because W brought the dream and the drive – – he found the three little extra points.


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