_DSC4003At first it was just a few pimples. A few months later it was full blown acne. For L it was devastating. Every inch of his face carried a large and painful cyst. As his acne grew, his confidence shrank. His head turned downward, as did his spirits. This wonderfully athletic and confident student became disconnected and uninvolved.

When “mom and dad” are not in the picture and “grandma” is trying her best to raise a high school student and pay all of the bills, finding time and money to go to the dermatologist is almost impossible.

School counselors with open eyes and caring hearts are key in a situation like this. The high school counselor knew L before his acne became prevalent so when it began to affect his school career, she was on top of it. She saw him pull away from his own friends, his teammates and his teachers. She saw the decline in his grades. But she also saw a chance to change a life.

Care For Kids was eager to help when the call came in. Funds were provided. L and his grandmother were afforded a doctor’s visit and greatly needed medicines. The local pharmacy even sought out manufacturer coupons for the prescriptions and provided Care For Kids with the best discounts.

The process of helping L is a great story all in itself – but the most awesome part of this story is the smile that returned to his face. With his head held high he has returned to athletics and improved his grades. The process, the funds and the connections helped “fix” the physical image of L; but, a dedicated counselor made the call that healed his heart.


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