The Eyes Have It, But The Heart Wins!

field dayThis special story was written by a wonderful administrator from Blue Eye Schools. We just had to share it.

School people aren’t supposed to have favorites. If you asked parents if it was ok for a principal to like some children more than others they would respond quite emphatically that this just isn’t fair. Each should be treated exactly the same. My experience through the years as an administrator has taught me that “fair” just doesn’t exist.

Stand and watch as the bus unloads at school some morning and you’ll see exactly what I mean. As children step off you would notice that some have slept, some have not. Some are clean but others are bathed in cologne due to a recent shutoff. Some are confident in their appearance while others are hibernating in a hoodie all day because their only other shirt developed a hole. Don’t even try to explain to me how this in any way resembles “fair” and why I should then treat them all the same. With that in mind, I confess that I have some favorites. Let me tell you about one of them.

“L” has a gift. Her gift is to uplift everyone. No matter who the child is that is near her on the bus, in the hall, on the playground she is going to help them. She will encourage, she will hug, she will smile, and she will cry with any child (or adult) that needs a friend. She will walk strangers to the office so they don’t get lost. She will escort the latest playground trauma patient to the nurse to make sure that a Band-Aid is applied. She is one of my favorites because she reminds me through her actions of how all of us should be helpful and caring to those around us.

The other day “L” went to see the nurse. She had been complaining about headaches. This was one of several visits since school began. Following the visit, the nurse called and informed me that “L” was unable to see the chalkboard from any distance no matter where she was in the classroom. Headaches were due to stress, squinting, and most likely frustration.

Care for Kids funds quickly remedied the situation. “L” received an exam and some new glasses the next day. She was able to see clearly and the headaches wouldn’t be a bother anymore. Most of us would have been on to the next big thing and not give a new pair of glasses a second thought. What happens next is what makes “L” one of my favorites.

The next school day arrives and you probably can guess who was waiting at my office? As I approached there stood “L” smiling from ear to ear. I figured that she would be asking “What do you think of my new specs?” Not so. “L” was there to sincerely thank me for some new glasses. She never once alluded to the idea that they might be really stunning and really make her look smart. Her purpose was to make sure I knew how grateful she was.

I am thankful for Care for Kids and the opportunity that it presents to help others in need. I’m also reminded of how Christ tried to teach us so many times that by serving others we will receive a blessing as well. My blessing through “L” was that I get to be a part of the lives of some pretty special children.

My age is really catching up with me. I apologize but I can’t remember the origin of a quote. However, I was thinking about it when this young lady received a new pair of glasses. It goes something like “don’t respect the children for what they are, but respect the children for what they will become.” I’d say the future looks pretty good for “L.”


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