She had been a teacher and counselor for thirty years. Just because the birth date says it is time to retire doesn’t mean the heart is ready. So J decided to volunteer at a pre-school one day a week for four hours.

At first she just helped during art time. She poured juice and read stories. But gradually the teachers and the students began to trust her and appreciate that J has so much more to give.

As the weeks passed she introduced some tips for learning the alphabet and reading simple words. The children excelled. Thursdays became very special at the pre-school. Thursdays was the day J came to help.

November rolled around. It was time to teach the days of the week. Each child would stand and state the day. “Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday….”

They would point to the day on the calendar and perfectly pronounce each day.

J knew her life as a teacher and influencer had not fully retired when M stood up and began his presentation.

“The first day of the week is Monday. It begins with M. The second day is Tuesday and it begins with T. The third day is Wednesday and it begins with W.”   He took a pause and smiled. He was so excited to share what was next.

“The next day is Thursday. And it begins with J!”

The teacher stopped him in his track. “Sir – would you please correct yourself. Thursday does not begin with J.”

He just smiled. “Yes it does. Every Thursday ‘J’ comes and begins our day with her special smile. So Thursdays begin with ‘J’.”

No one argued. “J” smiled through a few happy tears.

Those that serve are served the most.


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