It was the last activity at school before Christmas break. Each child had to write down one positive thought or wish for the New Year. The teacher believed whole-heartedly in the power of positive thinking to drive behavior. They wrote their wishes on colorful pieces of paper and placed them into a jar. The plan was to open the jar on the first day back to school and identify actions each child could take to make their wish come true.

If the child wanted to share what he or she wrote, it was encouraged. If they preferred not to share, that was okay too. Some couldn’t wait. “S” shouted his out – -“I just want to pass math!”

“T” was just as excited, “I wish I could go somewhere warm for spring break!” “L” shared that he wanted to finish his book report on time this quarter. Most wanted to share. A few did not.

When the last child left the room and the final crumb of Christmas cookie had been cleaned up, the teacher sat down and read the unshared wishes. One was for Daddy to come back home. One was for a new pair of shoes.

The last one she read, “I hope my lunch buddy sticks with me – even though I can be a pain sometimes.”

Hope for a healthy, prosperous and positive New Year is a wish that crosses the ages. Our hope is that each Care For Kids volunteer truly understands the significant impact one act of love makes. Thank you.


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