file000270966486Not again! She just couldn’t imagine changing schools again. Why did they have to move another time – – just when she had found a way to fit in at school?

Life wasn’t easy for “M”. To say her dad “had issues” was an understatement. He just couldn’t find his place in this world. He often told “M” that he was going to keep searching until he found a place he could call “home.” They moved a lot. Dad would try to spin it with “M” by saying, “Just think, you will have all things NEW – – new school, new house, new friends.” “M” really just wanted to experience what “old” felt like – – just once. New was hard.

The first day at the new school came. One would think she was good at it by now, but each first day “M” would get a little sick to her stomach and worry. Lunch was always the worst. She never knew where to sit and she always seemed to pick the wrong table.

As lunchtime came, “M” fell into line and got her tray with food and milk. She followed the boy in front of her. He had an adult joining him. She thought it might be his mom. Just as she was looking for an out-of-the-way place to sit, the adult turned and invited her to sit with them. Turns out she was his Lunch Buddy.

For “M” it was the best first lunch ever. The Lunch Buddy and the classmate really made her feel welcome. They let her talk about her situation and she shared her distaste for “new”.

The next morning at school the teacher handed “M” a note. It was from the Lunch Buddy. She thanked “M” for joining them at lunch. She welcomed her to the school and told her she would return to eat lunch again very soon.   Then – – at the second lunch meeting they would be “OLD FRIENDS.”

The power of one little word built a bridge to a friendship because a Mentor looked through the eyes of a child.


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