“C” had been mentoring for several years with Care For Kids when she encountered a very difficult moment. Her first mentee was moving out of the area and she had to say goodbye.

It surprised “C” how much it hurt. She knew she had grown attached but she never knew just how much.

The day came and “J” moved with her father. Her dad and step mother had separated. The step mother had been a positive force in “J’s” life. She wasn’t Mother of the Year by any means, but “J” always had clean clothes and enough to eat. Homework was done mostly on time. Life was the most organized “J” had ever experienced. “C” knew things were tough at home when “J” began to show up at school disheveled and hungry. The marriage was failing. Dad was taking “J” away from her step mom and away from “C”.

All “C” could do was love. . . from afar.

Over the next few years “C” stayed in touch through letters and email. They messaged photographs of one another periodically. They talked of school and homework and boys.

Care For Kids mentors volunteer their time and their hearts. They give. But often they also receive.

“C” had a big deposit in the “receiving” column the day the invitation to “J’s” high school graduation came. It had a personal note. “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

The difference one heart can make!


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