Can I Trust You?

Trust is earned.   It takes selfless acts of kindness. . . empathic acts.

M and his family were new to the district. They had moved here because Mom found work. It wasn’t great work but it was work and it paid enough to stay above water.

Dad was sick. . . real sick. He was the kind of sick that changes the culture of the home. He was dying.

M made it to school most days but he was reserved and still. Things were tough at home. Dad was getting worse and required a lot of trips to the doctor’s office. Gas was precious because money was sparse. An awake counselor pulled him into her office for a visit. M was scared at first. Mom had told him to keep his head down and his mouth shut.

But this counselor knew what to do. She began with a simple smile and a question about how he was adjusting to school. It all seemed routine and M began to open up. The picture of M’s home life came into view. The counselor’s heart was touched.

Care 4 Kids dollars provided gas cards for M’s mom. Dad made every one of his appointments including his final trip to the hospital. The school sent flowers and representatives even attended the funeral. Few others were present. No friends.

The acts of providing gas cards, sending flowers, showing M compassion and attending the funeral built a bridge of trust. Today M is in school every day. Mom has developed a relationship with the counselor and often calls her for advice or just to talk.

The money comes from donations to Care For Kids. The trust comes from counselors, lunch buddies and volunteers showing Christ’s love in the moments life gives us.


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