Coincidence? Is there even such a thing?

file2671344985857We all try our best to do what we believe is right. But sometimes bad things happen and there is no explanation or reason. Just when life as a fourth grader seemed on track – the world turned upside down for B. His father was killed in a car wreck.

Everything just kept on moving. School stayed in session. Homework was assigned. Lunch was served. Recess went on as if nothing happened. But for B the world stopped. He just couldn’t find his way again. Grades suffered. Introversion seemed the protective behavior of choice.

Enter L the mentor. Some would say it was coincidence; others would just smile and credit God’s wonderful hand at work. L was a Care For Kids mentor who just happened to be a licensed grief counselor! But more amazing than that was what led L to pursue that line of work. He had lost his own son in car accident. And his son had the same name as his new mentee. This pairing was not planned by those that match mentors and mentees. These life cards dealt were discovered when the two began to talk during their first lunch together.

B and L have a bond of trust today. L fills a void one day a week. In a way B gets one hour of professional grief counseling each week and L has a chance to hang out with a young man bearing a very special name.

And life goes on.


4 thoughts on “Coincidence? Is there even such a thing?

  1. we’ve seen our Care For Kids. since kindergarten – they are in Jr. High now. They don’t usually don’t have Lunch Buddies at that age, but the boys begged us to come back this year, we even had a talk with the Princapal and he talked with them and they said “YES”! It’s going so good this year and we have other children sitting with us and they look forward to seeing us also. Our 2 boys always leave after giving us a “HUG” !

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