stairs“L” is an 88 year-young Care for Kids volunteer. She walks with a cane and is slightly shorter these days then it reports on her driver’s license. But her heart is ever so healthy and strong.

“L” found herself falling in love with her 4th grade buddy. Together they talked about clothes and manners…how to eat at the table correctly and say “please” and “thank you.”  They laughed.  They hugged.  The little girl’s parents were divorced and she shared their attention with a lot of other half sisters and brothers.

Wednesdays were special days. It was the day of the week they were together. The little girl saved her best clothes for Wednesdays. Each Wednesday she spritzed on a tiny bit of carefully rationed perfume.

“L” saved her change in a designated coin purse. Each week she would dig a few coins out and buy a treat for her little friend. Some days it was a candy bar, a pack of gum or a hair barrette.

There is no reward back to “L” except for love and the feeling as though she is living out her role here on earth.

That is why, I believe, “IS” is the word in the famous sentence. “HE IS RISEN.” It is an ongoing state. It could be “HE ROSE” or “HE HAS RISEN”. But that would mean it was over.

Every time a caring volunteer wipes the tear away from a child…HE IS!

Every time a quarter leaves a change purse to put the smile on a child’s face…HE IS!

Every time a hug is given in with no other message than, “I love you.”…HE IS!

Today we remember that… HE IS RISEN!


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