A Wise Crack

2008 Easter Egg DecoratingOne week later there are still a few colored eggs in the carton. They are not as pretty to the eye as they were last Sunday. The newness has worn off. Last week they were “Easter Eggs”. Now they are just colored hard-boiled eggs that smell up the frig a bit. But…if you take the time to crack them and peel them – – inside they are just as wonderful as the day they were made. So, too…

The conversation among the friends was about a program entitled “Care for Kids”…each had a story to tell about their young buddy. “K” knew this was something in which she would love to get involved. The path to volunteerism was easy.

“Little kids” were cute. They always had funny stories to share. They learned quickly and readily rewarded attention with hugs and smiles. They were bright and colorful and new. But older children were more difficult. They were not as “cute and cuddly” as the little ones. And yet, “K” found herself drawn to wanting to help the older ones. She ached to “catch” them before they became lost.

So it was with “M”. He was a 5th grader – — tucked into a shell. Hard to crack. Each week “K” would go for a visit. They would begin by eating lunch and then go for a walk. No visible progress was made – week after week. Then a sad day came for “K”. “M” was removed from the school and sent to the Boys Ranch. As soon as she was notified – she headed to the school. He was still there. Paperwork was being completed. When she walked in the room “M” stood. Two steps towards her. Then – – a hug.

So – – progress was being made…one small, invisible crack at a time. And when he returns. She will be standing there. Arms out. Non-judgmentally earning hug #2. She finds the beautiful child inside the shell.


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