Dress Up Day

file000878970050 (1)It was “Special Day” at school – ten students experience the selfless act of love. One day each year ten select kids participate in a shopping day. Care For Kids provides the school with funds. The parents send in a wish list for gifts and toys. Each student and a volunteer shops for clothes and necessities. Then they have lunch all together and finally browse a few toy aisles.

Immediate gratification comes from new clothes and a fun lunch. The toys are purchased at a later date, given to the parents with wrapping paper and tape. They wrap their children’s gifts and present them back at home.

All the students were excited for the day, but “P” was the most excited of all. He had never really gone out shopping for himself before. Hand-me-downs was his life.   A friend from the previous year had told him what to expect. He was pumped up for sure!

“P” had his cart full in no time.  His pride and joy find was a white shirt and a red tie. The volunteer encouraged purchasing something so special after she witnessed him picking it up time and time again. “Why don’t you get it” she said. He replied, “Someday – who knows…I might want to get dressed up for something.”

It became the mantra for the day. All the boys bought a shirt and tie. Lunch conversation revolved around planning a special day where they could wear their “good clothes.”

Word spread back at school.   Boys from all walks of life began to get in on the action. And one day the whole grade dressed for the occasion.

What was the occasion?

Celebrating the selfless act of love.


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