Full Circle

“K” was the perfect Lunch Buddy. She knew what she could affect and she knew her boundaries. Over the years many of her Buddies showed improvement. She could reflect on their growth and know she made a difference in their lives. It kept her going…kept her volunteering.

But “D” was a different story. Month after month she would show up at school and have lunch with him. She would try to strike up conversations about things that might interest him. As a third grader he just sat and ate his lunch. In fourth grade the behavior changed very little. As he grew through the system “K” just stayed faithful. She gave all she could. . . unconditional love. Not once did she judge. Not once did she complain. Nor did she ask for a friendlier Buddy or a more responsive child. She just showed up, smiled, talked a little about things a young boy would find interesting, and ate lunch.

“D” grew too old for the program. But one day “K” went to school to pick up her own son…the same age as “D”. The two boys were standing side by side. They had become friends. She was shocked to see them together. As she approached her son, “D” stepped forward and gave her a warm and sincere hug.

No words were shared. Didn’t need any. The circle completed. Love came down.


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