Mother Isn’t a Title

file0001594997505“H” used to teach school. When she retired it was hard to get that “teacher” out of her blood.  So volunteering as a Care For Kids mentor just seemed like the perfect thing to do.

She loved mentoring. One day she was doing math facts with her student.

“I am so proud of you, honey.  You got them all right the first time!”

The little girl beamed with pride.

“Yes, I know” she declared as her shoulders raised and chin found the sky. “My mother taught me how to remember my fours.”

“H” smiled and gave her a big hug. As the embrace ended she heard the muttering of a little boy sitting just to her right.

“Hummmmffff.” He grumbled. “My mother never taught me anything.”

“H” instinctively scooted her chair a few inches to the right and said,

“Well… I might not be your mother. But I am a mother. And I will be glad to teach you something today.”

“Mother” isn’t a title. It is not always a noun. The best definition of the word requires it to be a verb. Mother is what we DO – not just what we are.

During this week of Mother’s Day – we give thanks to all those who engage in the act of mothering.



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