Serving is a True Match-Up

cohdranknmomdadgraveTennis is a wonderful game of taking turns. One side serves a few – – – next side serves a few…and together both sides get to play in the match.

In the Care For Kids world match-ups happen every time there is a child with a need and a volunteer with a heart. Spectators see the volunteer serving time after time. But those in the game realize the serving goes both ways. The volunteer serves and often is served in return. Such is the case of “N”.

She loved her buddy. Each week they would work a bit on his reading and comprehension. “N” could see improvement. She would serve up a word and he would spell it straight away. He was getting better at using it in a sentence and explaining its meaning. The mentor and the student had a successful relationship. He was being served. She did the serving.

Then “N’s” husband began to get very ill. They had been fighting his cancer for a long time but now it was advancing quickly. She had to suspend her mentoring. She focused on her home and her husband until the day he died.

The flowers and cards poured in. A lifetime of caring produced a lot of condolences. But one came in that changed her world.

Dear Miss N,

I love you. I’m sorry your husband died. I’ve been working on reading and having fun. I went deer hunting four times but I didn’t get a deer. I miss you a lot. Have a good Christmas.

Love, “M”

And so she is served…


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