A Modern Day Fairy Godmother

file000370817694There were no wicked step-sisters. . . no pumpkin and mice. . . not even a glass slipper. But there was a sort of fairy godmother. She came by way of an attentive counselor supported with some dollars from Care For Kids. And – – of course, there was a princess. This is where the story begins.

She was a beautifully sweet girl. Everyone loved her. She was friendly and kind and the student body thought she was worthy to be nominated for Prom Queen. But Prom Queen candidates had to go to Prom. And going to Prom meant you had to have a dress.

Life was a bit challenging for this princess in waiting. There just wasn’t money for something as frivolous as a dress. So when the attentive counselor congratulated her on the nomination and inquired about her excitement – – she quickly learned the young lady had no plans of actually going to her Prom. She did not have a dress.

Bippidi Boppidi Boo – a beautiful dress for you!

Sometimes Care For Kids isn’t about getting enough food or learning how to read fluently or even having a buddy to eat lunch with. Sometimes Care For Kids is in the “Everyone Deserves To Be A Princess At Least Once” business.

Who knows… that one moment may change a life forever.


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