happy-child-1022434-s We often hear, “Not another Monday!” But it is not common to hear, “I wish I had a week of Tuesdays.”

“D” had been the Reading Buddy for “Little K” for two years. At first she didn’t care much for reading. . . or so D thought. But one day she realized that reading was doing more for Little K than just entertaining her and positioning grammar . . . it was awakening her mind! She was becoming a writer!

Story after story flowed from the pen of Little K. Via her imagination she traveled across the continents, even spending Christmas in Africa!

The world was pretty small for Little K but with the help of words and a Reading/Writing Buddy – the horizons became limitless.

On the last day of school this year D asked her writing friend, “Are you ready for school to be out?”

Little K’s answer surprised her, “No – – I’d like one more week – – with all Tuesdays in it.”

It took D a minute to figure out that answer…

Tuesdays are Reading Buddy day.

And the world changes for the better – one volunteer at a time.


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