tIT3kPi6Which is more important – – to see – – -or to be seen?

It matters where you are in your life and how sturdy your foundation.

“M” was doing the best he could. Grandma was doing the best she could. And still – “the best” wasn’t even “good enough” in the world of today. “The best” was very, very hard.

The news came during school. Grandma didn’t really think it would be that big of a deal. M didn’t even know his mother. He had a vague memory of her. But she had been out of the picture most of his life. But for M, the news of his mother’s passing was so very hard to take.

Deep inside every child must be a seed that grows the desire for a mother’s love…knowing that she will return somehow . . . someday. . . no matter how far away that someday is. The news of death makes that seed die. And with that seed dies hope.

So it was the absence of hope that caused other things in M’s life to seem huge – – things that normally would not have even mattered in a life that was very, very hard.

A “little big thing” was the fact that his glasses were way too small for his head. He was in High School now and he had been wearing the same glasses since before Middle School. In sports they kept falling off – stretched out to the end of their limits. Their size looked obviously distorted and he was the source for funny looks and giggles.

Grandma knew of the problem but every penny went for food and housing. New glasses were beyond even the horizon of hope.

The counselor knew she couldn’t restore hope of a mother returning for her son, but she could provide new glasses.

Care For Kids money raised M’s head. He began to see more than just the floor.

Not only could he see again…now he could be seen.

A power much stronger than Care For Kids money will fix the horizons for M. But attentive counselors and amazing donors to Care For Kids can fix moments in the days along the journey.


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