cora and maleah 103Sometimes it is that piece of spinach that catches between two front teeth that causes the embarrassment. A good friend will tell you; maybe with words; maybe with a slight hand motion to the mouth. But good friends are hard to come by. Most of the time we just become the brunt of snickers and stares.

She had just moved into the district. Life had turned down an interesting path and she was living with her grandmother. When times had been good the young lady had a fabulous orthodontist and wore the best of braces attached to her teeth. Her vision of a perfect smile was dead ahead.

But with the new path came lack of funds, no orthodontist and consequently, unattended braces. An infection developed. The pain was excruciating. Then her lip began to swell…the infection was spreading.

The stares and snickers ran rampant.

The braces needed to come off and antibiotic treatment was required. But no money meant no treatment. She was miserable.

Day after day the counselor saw the situation worsen. She turned to Care For Kids resources. With the help of an incredible dentist and CFK money the braces were removed and the infection eradicated. But the beautiful smile didn’t come from lack of physical pain – – it came because the funding also provided retainers and follow-up visits.

Today the smile says “thank you” every day.


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