file3211347375852“The mail came!” She heard her husband holler into the kitchen from his recliner in the den.

It wasn’t anything to get excited about. The mail came every day. Nothing exciting ever graced the mailbox. Once in a while an interesting ad showed up but most of the time it was bills and fliers for products of no interest. The best mail day was Social Security check day. Other than that – “M” never ran to the mailbox in anticipation.

So. . . she finished the dishes and cleaned up the laundry room before venturing out to the mailbox.

But this day changed for “M” as soon as the handle of the mailbox went horizontal. Envelope after envelope – – artwork on each one – – smiley faces where stickers normally sealed.

She was showered with cards from her Special Ed students in the third grade class. Being a volunteer with Special Ed kids was rewarding simply because she could see impact as a result of effort and attention. But today – – – in her otherwise boring mailbox – – “M” found some very tangible rewards.


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