A Place To Rest Your Head

grandfather reading book aloud to his grandson, who is listening to him with attention

K had heard about the Book Buddy program. A couple of the folks in his church had volunteered and said it was a rewarding experience. Reading to children seemed like something he could do and something he would enjoy. His life was pretty quiet these days. Widower. Retired. Family in other states.

K signed up.

The day came and he awoke early. He was actually excited. Being around children again made his heart leap just a bit. He entered the first grade classroom and was immediately taken back to the days his own sons graced the halls. The never-changing aroma of Elmer’s School Glue mixed with the essence of smelly kid. It was an awesome memory.

His first assignment was to take little M to the hallway and read to him. Little M was a big challenge. The reputation following Little M was not a good one. He was categorized “Holy Terror” by those that had gone before. But there was something about him that K liked. He saw a bit of himself lingering there.

K began with a few questions. Little M answered with a dash of sarcasm. K didn’t budge.

“We are going to read this book together.”

Little M replied, “Why?”

K answered. “Because it is a good book. I read it when I was a boy and I thought you would like it. It is about a boy that got into trouble a lot and found a way out.”

“Out of what?” Little M inquired.

“Trouble” K answered.

“I get into a lot of trouble” Little M confessed.

“So I’ve heard” K reported.

“Aren’t you afraid of me?” Little M questioned proudly. “All the other ones were afraid of me.”

“Nope” said K. “What I am really afraid of is that my eyes aren’t good enough anymore to see the words in this book.” And he twisted his head sideways in an awkward and uncomfortable position to catch the light just right.

Little M saw K trying so hard to see the words. He saw K rubbing his neck as the fatigue was setting in.

A special thing happened. Little M scooted closer and placed his head just above K’s shoulder so he would have a place to rest.

Head to head they read and when they were done, they saw eye to eye.


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