PuzzleHe loved to put puzzles together. It was his thing. The challenge of piecing the whole picture back into the total image was stimulating. His many years of working with children also told him that putting jigsaw puzzles together was a great teaching tool. So when J volunteered with Care For Kids, he knew what he would do – – bring jigsaw puzzles to the classroom.

Each day of volunteering brought more and more kids to the jigsaw table. He saw them walk up and pick up a piece of the puzzle and begin the problem solving journey of finding the right spot to put it. But the real joy came when one student would lean over the shoulder of another and work as one to complete the task.

The classroom is like a jigsaw puzzle. Each child is a unique piece of the picture. They must find a way to fit in – – and if one is left out, the picture is not complete.

Care for Kids Mentors help make sure no piece is left out.

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