Dark to Light

cora and maleah 162It was the middle of the night before they arrived in Southwest Missouri. The two young girls were scared. Neither of them remembered their real mom. Now they were going to live with her. Things just didn’t work out with Dad and his new wife. The Division of Family Services had removed them. It was quick and without warning. All the ‘things’ that they knew as theirs were gone. All they had was what they were wearing.

Mom didn’t know they were coming either until just a few hours before their arrival. No time to prepare. And even if she had known, there was very little money. But Mom had landed in a good place in Ozark Mountain Country. She had found good people and a foundation of faith. This was her time to make it right with her daughters. It was a second chance.

When the call came in to the counselor’s office the next morning she invited the new family to school.

The two young girls, still with just the clothes on their backs, walked with their mother into the front office. Fear soon turned to joy and tears of surprise. Placed on the counselor’s table were two stacks of new clothes, backpacks and school supplies, storybooks and toiletries. Care For Kids donations had been put to good use.

And the world changed.

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