A Candlelight Dinner

There was one lit candle on the table.  Glass drinkware, real plates, silverware and even a napkin rested in waiting at each place setting.  “M” was busy in the kitchen, traveling between the stove and the refrigerator…preparing his masterpiece meal.

The ladies sat at the table and politely waited for “Chef M” to finish his creation.

He placed the last dish next to the centerpiece and paused for a moment of thankful grace.

Then the first bites came.  He waited….watching in anticipation of each review.

Each lady smiled in approval as their spoons returned to the bowls over and over again.

It was not gazpacho nor chowder that they were so fully enjoying.  It was Chef-Boy-R-Dee spaghetti.  But what it made it so special … “M” had made it all by himself.  He added a side of Ramen noodles and a small salad.  All the food and the cooking lessons to prepare it had been provided by Care For Kids and the Presbyterian Church.

“M” was the oldest sibling in the family.  It was his job to prepare food for his three younger siblings.  Mom and Dad worked nights.  It was always peanut butter and jelly or mac and cheese because “M” had no idea what else to make.  With the help of the backpack program and some devoted ladies from the church, “M” was able to create a masterpiece meal that was truly delicious.

This special night was a way “M” could say thank you back to his teachers.  He totally prepared the meal, served the meal and cleaned up from the meal.

Just after dessert he thanked the ladies for their love and support and for trusting him to make a meal that was truly delicious.

Changing lives – – one backpack at a time.

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